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Grimes County Sheriff's Office Communications Division

Communications Division
(TOP ROW) TCO Karleigh Young, TCO Carli Moore, TCO Garrett Burditt, TCO Supervisor Tammy Castro, and Chief Deputy Todd Greene. (BOTTOM ROW) Sheriff Don Sowell, TCO Caleb Alafa, TCO Marselena Barrientos, TCO Blaine Hechler, and Chaplain “Mac” Vaughn. (Not Pictured – TCO Kristen Gallo)

The Communications Center has a staff of 8 dispatchers.  The Communications Center is overseen by TCO Tammy Castro.  Every dispatcher is required to be certified through TLETS/NLETS and TCIC/NCIC.

The current dispatch office went in service in December of 1998.  The Grimes County Sheriff’s Office is one of two Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) within the county, the other PSAP is located at the Navasota Police Department.  Citizens who call 9-1-1 for any emergency service (Law Enforcement, Fire or EMS) are routed to one of these two centers. 

In addition to dealing with the 9-1-1 calls for the county, dispatchers working in the communications center handle non-emergency calls for service, log Crimestoppers tips, monitor/broadcast radio transmissions, process warrants and stolen property entries in the state and national databases and serve as the lifeline for on-duty officers.

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