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Sheriff Don Sowell

Welcome to Grimes County Sheriff's Office

To:       The Citizens of Grimes County, Texas

Re:       Our Constitution of the United States of America and Our Second Amendment

I, Donald G. Sowell, Sheriff of Grimes County, Texas, have sworn an oath as a proud veteran of the United States Air Force and a career Texas Peace Officer to uphold and defend the sacred Constitutions of the United States and the Great State of Texas.

Our country has been victimized by deadly violence.  Measures to prevent this problem need to be addressed and implemented once and for all by our lawmakers.  We should not allow good, responsible, law abiding citizens to be punished with increased restrictions and imposed laws on our right to keep and bear arms, a trust given to us as citizens by the Second Amendment.

As your Sheriff, I will resist any unlawful attempt to confiscate, disarm or impose unconstitutional orders upon our citizens.  I ask you to stay aware of the gun control issues and communicate your concerns to your legislators.  Your support of the Office of Sheriff and what it stands for is important and I will ensure that every measure is taken to protect your rights and give you the quality of life and liberty that you and your family deserve.


Donald G. Sowell, Sheriff of Grimes County


Telephone Numbers:

Dial 911

(936) 873-2151

(936) 873-6439

(936) 873-6442

Fax:                                                                          (936) 873-6410